Adventurous fishing on the smaller lakes in the area, known as the East Clare Lakes.

Since this is a new activity of fisHerman launched only in 2009, I pioneered on many lakes and can now honestly say that if you book a Bellyboat Package a beautiful adventure is waiting for you. Even I am still in silence which is almost impossible according a lot of my guests!

The Bellyboat Packages are available from May until November.
During this period nature is at its best and the water temperature is relatively high to keep up well in it.
I’ll first have to experience myself to fish from Bellyboats during colder months before the packages will be active the whole year through.

Furthermore, you need to have some experience with a Bellyboat and I advise to practice first at home.




This is the Bellyboat we’re using, professional and very safe! 

HI & DRY DXL Large version with air-filled seat * Inflatable seat and back * Very compact to transport * Thick bladders * Two compartments with multiple storage pockets * Load capacity 135kg * Boat Length 160cm * Very strong 600 Denier PVC base.

Watching the photos below of the slideshow, this will tell more then words could do.