Lough Derg, Killaloe. An open Annual three day fishing event in September. CPR system Catch Photo and Release.
Starts on Sunday with team meeting day, rules, free gifts, finger food etc. Next 3 days Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are the competition days.Thursday prize giving party including a diner.

Only artificial lures are allowed during the competition. You need 3 types of predator fish, Pike, Perch and Trout.
Only your 4 biggest Pike, 3 Perch and 1 Trout are counting.After a catch you make a photo from the fish on a measuring board as proof.

Catch Photo and Release only ( CPR )You have to fish this competition as a team of two person, so you can pick your own partner for the three days. Not possible during the competition to change a team or person of the team.

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