Besides fishing on pike you can also choose for trout and perch from the fishing boat which is a very nice option when pike are inactive.

TROUT Wild brown trout are regularly caught trolling on Lough Derg while fishing with lures for pike and often very large specimens are caught which is obviously a pretty special surprise when it happens.

However if you want to focus on trout fishing you can choose to do this with special trout trolling lures leading often to good quantities. Or with the fly rod which is really spectacular especially in May when the “Mayfly” is out everywhere and trout will come to the surface to hunt.

PERCH You can also choose to focus on perch and you can expect large numbers. That was evident again during a vertically session and when more than 50 pieces caught with an average size of 20 cm.

As well as when some of our guests went out fishing with a drop shot system and passing them on the lake they already reported almost a 100 pieces which is an excellent number.

You can choose to catch trout trolling with small lures with the likelihood to hook a trout but Vertical and Drop Shot Systems do seem to win what the perch is concerned. In our Lures & Tackle shop you can find all the supplies for the Predators Pike, trout and perch.




Coarse Fish. Every year we see more Coarse Anglers coming back and not without reason!

Besides the beautiful Rudd and Bream also nice Tench can be caught in great numbers at the most beautiful fishing spots.

This takes place most of the time on the East Clare lakes, where I would bring you to another beautiful lake each day. Often on the last day you’ll be fishing at your favorite fishing spot of the last days.

A day Coarse fishing with a boat on Lough Derg is possible too at the spots where fish were fed previously. You can purchase all the necessities such as maggots etc. from a colleague’s tackle store in town who is a very experienced Coarse Angler.

Since this last concerns Coarse Fishing, more materials are needed than to fish from a fishing boat but that’s no problem, we provide the heaviest gear in order to save weight in your luggage.

We have ready for you:

-Comfortable fishing seats
-Landing nets
-Storage nets

Furthermore, you’ll bring along yourself your rods and other utensils such as small maggots- and bait storage, rod holders, and anything else you like to use.